Jung considered the "collective unconscious" to be a storehouse of inherited forms and patterns that shape the human experience. The images that appear in our dreams can act as a kind of map to this aspect of inner reality, colored by our own personal reality. The intent of the Oneironauticum is not to interpret the images or understand what they mean, as that depends on the circumstances of the individual. We are more interested in collecting different blueprints of the many ways these images appear to us in our dreams, the forms and shapes they take, and the feelings they evoke. 

Be concise in your description- focus on the main images, and the feelings evoked by the dream. We may edit very long dream narratives down to the basic images and feelings they contain. While dreams cannot ever be truly categorized, it is interesting to think about why similar themes recur over and over again, especially at times of crisis or emotional intensity. Here, we have divided dreams according to their main theme, for convenience. Click on the links to go to the dreams:

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Enjoy dream sailing, and please submit your own.

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I went into a clinic for stomach trouble. The young male doctor recommended a treatment, which was to swallow a piece of dental floss with a flexible plastic needle at the end of it. One end would stick out of my mouth, and one end gets swallowed. I really didn’t want to do the procedure and protested. The doctor said I showed the symptoms of having swallowed something, which felt hard for me to believe as I always have stomach trouble. I was holding my stomach like it was upset and my other hand was holding onto my crotch, which he said are the sure signs. I felt caught, and agreed to have the procedure. As the doctor went back to get the materials, I noticed that to my left and right were doctor’s chairs filled with young women my age getting this procedure done, or about to get it done. The girl next to me said, “One girl did it, and she farted her way out the door.” I asked, “So does the procedure give you gas?” She replied, “No, the girl just said ‘Fuck it,’ and was farting.”

I started to swallow some of the floss to try it out, and started to gag and almost vomited. The other girls said that was normal. Two seats away from me a girl was in the middle of her procedure. She seemed relaxed, there was the floss hanging out of her mouth. She was putting something else in her mouth, like another plastic needle. I asked what she was doing. Someone said you have to start to introduce objects into your system as the procedure goes on. That did it for me and I got up and walked out. My boyfriend was somewhere in a waiting area for me and I wanted to get to him. 

I was with a friend at  a beach with really big waves. At first we were in the shallow area, swimming and playing around, but I kept getting tempted by the big waves and I went further and further out, and was really having a great time body-surfing. My friend was afraid that it looked too dangerous out there and that I was going to get hurt. I didn't want to leave her but it was too tempting, and the next thing I knew I was all the way out there.

I was standing on a cliff contemplating suicide. I decided I would jump and end it all. The falling was vivid. I felt like it wasn’t so bad, and actually felt a little enjoyable to free fall through the air. 

Next I was back in daily life, but I had died, so I was invisible to other people. Turned out, I had killed one of my clients, so being invisible and committing suicide was a way to not get caught. I would walk past and through people undetected! But, it stopped working and people started interacting with me. Something was wrong, I wasn’t invisible anymore. I felt trapped in an in between state. 

Relationship DREAMS

I was out somewhere with a friend. I was carrying a Chanel purse. My friend looked at it and said it was hers. I wasn't sure if it was hers or mine. I thought it was mine, but then I realized it was probably hers. I'd got it a bit dirty. I was embarrassed. I asked if it was OK, since in the dream we shared a lot of our stuff. She said yes, sure, it was OK. But I sensed she might have been a little annoyed

Julia Roberts had broken up with her husband, and she'd met another guy and fallen in love. In the dream, she was a rower in a boat crew. She went to get in the boat with her crew one morning to practice, and her new boyfriend had placed an engagement ring on the flat part of her oar as a kind of surprise proposal. She saw it right away and she was thrilled and put it on. Later, her engagement was all over the media.

I was marrying my boyfriend and picking out a dress. I was trying on a fuchsia colored dress with lace that was long and really covered me up kid of matronly, but I thought it was kind of funky. I decided it wasn’t quite what i was looking for and would instead look at white dresses.

I was in a colorful, small bathroom, maybe in a college campus. The bathroom was mostly artificial Pepto Bismol pink.

I was at a summer festival – a young people’s rocker skateboard festival – at a place called Savage Mill that I sometimes go to in the summer. It's a river with a number of waterfalls and a hiking path. I went for a walk with a female friend  to a shop that sold magic tricks. We didn’t know about the rock festival and didn't care.  Upstairs in the magic shop were simple tricks--card tricks, dice, sneezing powder, fart power, fake turds, the usual kind of thing. The owner was an older man. First he gave the impression of being a pushy salesman but was actually very friendly. His wife was also there. He took us downstairs into a big cavernous room, like a dark theater. Here was a secret occult world where the magic was real. All the time we could hear the sound of the rock festival going on outside. 


My boyfriend insisted that we have therapy. I told him I didn't want to, but he said it was too late, it was all organized, and the therapist, a woman in her 40s, was waiting for us downstairs. I refused to go downstairs and locked myself in the bathroom. My boyfriend hammered on the door, broke it down, and pulled me out. We went downstairs and both apologized for the noise and chaos. I told her there's been a mistake, I didn't want therapy, and she should go.  She left.

I lived together with one of my female friends, and my husband was sort of our dad. I asked him if he'd drive my friend and I to the nearby town because she wanted to look at the junk shops. He was angry and annoyed, dropped us off and left us with no way to get back home. I realized I didn't need to have waited for him - I could just have driven us myself. I was upset and crying. My friend wasn't as sympathetic as I thought she'd be - she still wanted to go shopping.


My friend took me to a prison downtown. We were going to do a presentation or something. I was holding one end of an extremely long leash and being dragged around old stairwells with my friend and her dog ahead of me. Beforehand, in the parking lot, I saw "two guys who do prison yoga." They looked really Jewish with big curly hair. They recognized me.

I attended the wedding of the man I feel in love with. He sort of expressed he wasn't that happy about the wedding, and that he felt a connection to me. He was marrying a plain woman. Then the dream turned to where I brought him a wedding present. When he opened it, slimy snails exploded everywhere and he told me I always bring these messes with me wherever I go. 

I was marrying one of my professors. I wore a black Chanel suit. We stood next to each other like we were on top of a cake, like we were presenting ourselves. I was on his right, he was to my left. 


Left party to make a phone call to try and locate a way to get elephant parts. Person on phone said they had a good recipe for a bear stew, I said that wasn’t what I needed and hung up. A father figure type man heard me asking for elephant parts. I liked that because it made me seem quirky. Pitch black out, sitting on some kind of wooden plank surrounded by water or deep sand. Man brought in some sea creatures. One was a cucumber in a net, it was alive. It was sliming around the net and stretching out of it, opening (as if it was a fancy sliced up cucumber).

Someone said, “Oh, that’s a sea cucumber.” It then was out of my reach in the sand, I was too creeped out to pick it up. There were other creepy, slimy sea creatures around me, thinking about them as interesting specimens, as if they’d been caught on someone’s fishing trip. Looking in a large photo art book of famous people in the hospital. One was Madonna in a strange photo shoot sucking on cow udders with all these surgeons around her and family, her boobs were long and slimy like cow udders too. Other pages were showing how celebrity boobs were also really long and slimy like the fish, and how they get Photo-shopped.


I'm at my parents' house, the house where I grew up. It was 2am. I walked down to my neighbor’s house where one of my coworkers was sleeping on the couch. I wanted to ask her if my plate of food seemed like a good portion, or if my plate was too full of food. It looked like too much food to me. My neighbor came walking up the street with four dogs, some of them were off leash. 

I'm in a bathroom in a warehouse-type living space. On the counter by the sink there's a tub of Australian ice cream, chocolate & lime flavored, in packaging that reads as "body butter". There are 1-2 loaves of bread, one has almonds in it. The shower is a big glass-plate sliding door shower, no tub, tiled walls. There are two dog head puppets suspended in the air on their own, sculpted out of bread/cake but you can't really tell- they just look a little foamy. The one on the left is female, on the right, male. The male dog head has two bananas in its mouth.

Eating soup, I look down to see that there are small animals swimming around in the soup bowl, which is full of blood.


There was sexual tension between me and my supervisor. Other people were around so we had to be discreet. He smelled my neck as I leaned over and said I smelled "amazing." I said I won't cheat on my boyfriend. He said he knew. He had a sleeping bag set up, and people were setting up their spots for sleeping on the floor. I could put my sleeping bag down anywhere, but I put it next to his knowing that other people would notice. I justified by telling myself he was the only person I knew there, but really I wanted to sleep next to him. 

I wanted to go sledding in my backyard for old time’s sake with my brother. Also wanted time to workout on the treadmill. I was with my family and we had to get to a wedding. I didn’t have time to do all this. 

I met my mom, sister, and my aunt at a restaurant before the wedding. Food was on the table, they were already eating. My sister said something to my mom about not wanting to eat what my mom was eating because she didn’t want onion breath. I felt bad at hearing my sister say this. 

Sitting with my mom, sister, and cousin. My cousin's hair was short. I made a subtle comment letting her know it was okay if she were a lesbian. She was describing closeness with a female friend. I said, “sexuality is fluid.” She felt comforted and I was proud to be the one in this group who could speak so easily and nonchalantly about this difficult subject. 


I had a penis and had sex through a hole in my boyfriend's forehead. There was a plate of french fries on the clothing hanger of my new favorite pink, long, floral dress I bought over the summer. I had to figure out how to hang my clothes with plates of french fries on the top part of each hanger. 


In a basement underground place. People in groups being sensual and seductive with each other. Not me. I was the odd one out. Trying to make conversation. Sitting by myself. It was dimly lit. It was known that at some point I was going to have to join in, have sex with the "main" guy, a black guy. I wanted to get out of all this. A girl came up to me who was gay who had "known me a long time." She saw how uncomfortable I felt. We had to go to the main guy in pairs. She said she would go with me and take the lead. I felt comforted and more at ease.


I was being paid $50 to go over to a man's house from an ad on Craigslist and have sex with him. He was attractive. I got there and his house was sort of dingy and a little dark. I wanted to lay on the floor in the hall and pet his two black cats but it was known that cats could bite your face and not let go. He had a wife there who was really ugly, fat, and homely with long beast brown hair. And there were times when she looked like a German Shepherd dog. I was consumed with guilt thinking of how she was letting her husband have sex with someone else.

In the dream I said his wife was really generous for letting him do this and she got upset.  I felt like I was bad at being seductive and fun because I wanted to talk about it.  He wanted me to sit up on a table like a princess perched on a pedestal. I asked if this was about me being helpless and he said yes. He tried to touch me but he was doing a move that was really awkward and I told him he didn't have to do moves. Then he tried to kiss me but it was really quick and sort of like kissing a fish. His wife got upset and jealous. She left the room and didn't want to watch. He was just wearing boxer briefs. I was really afraid of his body even though it wasn't bad. I started to cry and say I couldn't do it. I let him have his money back. And he was very nice about it.

I was involved in some kind of sex tape. There was a naked woman lying down. I saw her from above, near the top of her head looking down her body. Her pubic area was very flat. Then accidentally she had some white ooze coming out, as she spread her legs you could see it. It wasn't supposed to be there necessarily, but it was "natural." Then the next shot it became this white foam really coming out. 

ANIMAL dreams

Snakes wanted me to pet them. They smelled bad. 

I had a pet polar bear. He was more than I could handle, scary, destructive, couldn’t walk on a leash. Thought it was a bad idea I got into the mess of getting a polar bear as a pet. He got away. Then I realized I could get charged for murder if he killed anyone, which made me feel panicky. 


Walking down a street in an urban city, a little decrepit. I've been wondering if I'll encounter any danger. Part of me wants to. Suddenly I see a black jaguar prowling along at the side of the road. I freeze in terror. I am amazed to see it, but also very frightened. The jaguar turns down another road and chases somebody else, not me. I am sad to see it go.

A woman in the street has a really interesting dog on a leash - half bulldog, half lion. I ask her what kind of dog it is, and she tells me it's a "shadow boxer."

 I am in a pet shop, buying fish. The man I am with trips, stumbles, and falls into an enormous aquarium, knocking it over. I hear the glass breaking as I run out of the store, closing the door behind me, and call the police. I tell them what has happened but say I am too afraid to open to door of the shop. I imagine blood, body parts, dead fish flopping around. Afraid I will be blamed.


I was clenching down on my teeth and there was a lot of pressure. The pressure on the teeth was concerning because I was concerned about the integrity of the teeth. I ran my finger around the teeth to make sure they were all intact. The teeth, themselves seemed to be fine, but my jaw hurt from clenching so hard. Still I knew the pain would subside and I was glad the teeth weren't broken because soreness heals, but broken teeth are a hard to repair.


My gums were coming out in chunks (teeth included) and then the entire top shelf of gums and teeth fell out. All I could do was scream and cry while looking at the chunks in my hands.

I had a horrible dream that my second to front tooth was really loose, hanging by a thread, and then fell out. I was really worried about what I’d do about my mouth, but also how I'd find a dentist to deal with it today. I got to see inside the tooth because I think it split open, and it was slightly red inside meaning it had been decaying. I was worried about how I’d get a new tooth to look like it wasn’t fake, and how I’d have to go around with a missing tooth today. It felt so real.

Dream is realistic (almost dull everyday life) until single tooth becomes loose and falls out at a time and place where dentist cannot be reached. Anxiety, devastation, sense of loss felt like a hole in self


 All the toilets were full of shit, and I couldn't take dump outside because there was nowhere private. In the end I just had to go in public.

I was on the toilet. It was the one in my parents' house where I grew up. There were three scorpion type bugs on the ground. I was creeped out and afraid. I was able to get part of one into the toilet. The bathroom started to fill with water and I was calling for help.

This is a recurring dream, though it takes different forms. I need to go to the bathroom and see a sign pointing to the "Ladies Room." I follow the sign down an old stairwell lined with porcelain tiles. At the bottom is a big, open bathroom full of sinks. You re supposed to sit on a sink and go to the toilet in front of everyone. I don't think I can do it. To make things worse, all the sinks are blocked and filled with shit, piss, sanitary napkins, blood, and filth. A couple of old ladies are patrolling the room. They look scary and predatory. I know I will be in trouble if I don't go, but the place is disgusting. Vainly, I look around for a sink that has less filth in it than the others, then I climb up on top of it and hold my breath.



My car was parked on top of another car in the driveway of my parents’ house, the house I grew up in. I didn’t know how I’d get my car down.  

I was at the airport trying to get on a plane to LA. I was trying to use my driver's license as a boarding pass, and thought something seemed odd about that. Then when my driver's license wouldn't scan I asked if it was even the plane to LA and the woman said no. She didn't know where to get on that plane. I ran around the airport and couldn't find it, then realized I had missed it. 

Riding a bike around a court. My boyfriend was helping me, sometimes holding on, sometimes I went off on my own, going fast. I felt unstable, the bike was tall, but I had brave moments when I didn’t ask for his help. I started to fall. Then it was like I was in a car that was falling onto it’s left side, car door was open. I was worried the impact would smush the open car door so I quickly closed it. Before impact my boyfriend picked me up and stabilized me. 

I have a recurring dream that I am traveling through a border between countries. I am stopped at passport control. I think everything will go smoothly, but it never does. There's always a problem with my passport, or I have too many bags, or my visa is out of date. Something always prevents what I think will be a smooth transition from one country to another.